History Of Company

“ Nikan Tejarat Parmida” was founded in year of 2007, with the aim of “Providing Engineering & Technical Services” in the procurement & supply of Instruments. The company composed of experienced teams of Engineering & Trading which performs a significant role in field of Oil & Gas & Petrochemical Industry.

The Technical Dept., of “N.T.P Co.” is taking steps to improve services delivery by relying on the knowledge of capable experts, and with taking advantage of software engineering in the field of Process and Instruments engineering.

Commercial Dept., of “N.T.P Co.” is activating under utilizes monitoring and engineering and accompanied by a team of qualified and experienced in the supply of specialized equipment and engineering.

Furthermore, the Commercial Dept., with accessibility of European resources and also accredited representative of International, provides support and necessary warranty service to Client and customers.

Board of Directions:

Chairman of the board & President: Mr. Mahmoud Mounesan

General Manager and vice Chairman: Mr. Reza Nazarimehr

Executive Manager:

General Manager: Mr. Reza Nazarimehr

Technical Manager: Mr. Ali joudaki

Financial Manager: Mrs. Reihaneh hosseini